We in Europe - session of web page presentations

(Article written on 27-03-2018)

On March 26, 2018 at the Grigore Antipa Braşov College of Science took place the activity "New in Europe" - a session of web page presentations made by students of the 12th grade. The activity was organized by the junior ambassadors in the 12th grade Mihai Miruna, Rusen George Răzvan and Toth Edward Tomi, coordinated by Senior Ambassador Prof. Puiu Mihaela Loredana, the Computer Science teacher. Students in 12th grade A presented to their classmates and to the students in the 11th grade the webpages they had prepared to support the professional certificate in Computer Science. 25 students from the 11th grade A, 27 students from the 12th grade A and the senior ambassador Prof. Frîncu Laura Gabriela participated in this activity.