(Article written on 13-12-2019)

The project aims at raising awareness in students with regards to the role of mathematics in daily life and also at explaining some concepts or phenomena using interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity. In this way students are fascinated when they discover the beauty of mathematics and the usefulness of it in everything that surrounds us.
The first trans-national meeting of the Erasmus + ‘Maths is around us’ project took place at ‘Grigore Antipa’ College of Science on December 3-6, 2019. The project was carried out in collaboration with IES Izpisua Belmonte Hellin from Spain and the 3rd High School of Rethymno from Greece.
All activities scheduled for the meeting have been successfully conducted and some of them had the purpose of preparing future trans-national mobilities. Statistics research was one of the strong points of the meeting. Students divided into five groups (2 Romanian students, 1 Spanish student, 1 Greek student) worked hard and made a survey including statistics on the way students, irrespective of their nationality, view Mathematics. The work of every team has then been turned into an illustrative info chart.
One of the most exciting outdoor activities of the meeting was represented by the so-called ‘treasure hunt’. The activity focused on logic, intuition, orientation and creativity. It took place in Brasov, based on itinerary and clues prepared by Romanian partners. ‘The treasures’ were represented by architectonic elements of tourist attractions in Brasov. The selection of these details has been done starting from details representing geometric shapes. For starters, participants were informed about the ‘rules of the game’. They were divided into three teams, each team received a map of Brasov with 6 landmarks. On another sheet of paper there were details, as many as the number of landmarks on the map. Associating each detail with the right landmark was their task. The proof of solving the task was a selfie the team had to take with each detail.
The activity which took place at Transilvania University of Brasov was extremely appealing to students. PhD professor, vice-rector M.D.Liliana Rogozea presented some interesting aspects related to the university she represented.
Visits to the first Romanian school and Bran castle were relevant activities for the project, necessary for the following trans-national meetings (for example the cryptography project), taking into account the fact that these landmarks are representative for the European patrimony.
In conclusion, we can say the meeting was an unforgettable experience for all partners, students, parents and teachers, an experience that assumed a certain alchemy for which it seems the ingredients have been very well chosen.
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