Due to the complete realization of the school plans, the building of the "Grigore Antipa" Collegium is 100% functional. Students learn in two series, using 16 classrooms, which have been renovated, and with the support of the Ministry of Education and Research, external partners and parents,classrooms have been equipped with furniture, offering students good learning conditions.

Since 2004, the highschool has had a performant central heating, which has finally solved the problem of thermal comfort.

Founded in 2002, starting with modest equipment, the Computer Science profile at "Grigore Antipa" College of Science from Brasov has become well-known and in high demand, due to the development and greater importance given to information technology. An important step forward was taken in 2003 when, through the program of the Ministry of Education and Research, our college was equipped with a high-performance computer network. The school has access to the Internet,and to modern means which are successfully used by students in the international partnership projects in which they are involved. Today, students are working in three laboratories. The facilities in the Computer Science laboratories help with the publication of the College Journal. Also, in these labs, the ideas of passionate students - the future programmers, turn into real software jewelry, materialized in computer science certificates, projects in the professional competency certification exam and creation of the school website. Two of the three existing computer networks can be used to study different subject using the AeL platform (Advanced e-Learning), which improves the instructional and educational process.

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The Physics and Biology laboratories have the necessary equipment in order to carry out experiments in certain learning units, and these phenomena can be highlighted in terms of quality but with a small measurement accuracy for quantitative assessment. The Chemistry laboratory allows teachers to give interesting chemistry lessons and improve practical training in the technological laboratory. The practical testing for the professional competence certification exam also takes place here. The strategy of the Ministry of Education and Research regarding the endowment of the pre-university education laboratories in the 2006-2007 school year offers a new educational support to the educational act, beneficial both for the teaching staff, in the teaching process, as well as for the pupils, in the learning process through discovery and experimentation. The school also has 4 modern demonstration halls providing the necessary facilities for the practical training of the students from the nursing school.

The library provides its numerous readers, who are not just high school students, over 18,000 volumes. The "Grigore Antipa" College of Science makes great efforts towards expanding the book fund, managing each year to add to the shelves very important volumes for the pupils, but the necessities are much bigger than the endowment possibilities, especially in the field of ICT, Ecology and Didactics. As any help is very welcome, the school is constantly concerned with attracting book donations and periodical publications. The lack of a reading room is reflected in the temporary absence of some unique books that some pupils are deprived of. The Gymnasium meets the minimum requirements for the physical education activity, thus students and teachers encounter difficulties because of its size. Also, especially in winter, teachers have simultaneous classes,which means that two classe of students are in the gym at the same time. The school has a medical practice since its inception, in order to monitor the health status of the pupils and their permanent information, necessary for the achievement of the health education. Since 2001, the sanitary groups have been modernized so that they currently meet the sanitary standards in force. The school unit has 200 seats and a canteen serving both internal and external students and school staff. With the support of the local authorities and the Ministry of Education and Research, we succeeded in installing a heating point for the two buildings in 2007. The auxiliary spaces (secretarial, administrative and financial services) are functional and accessible to all the factors involved In the educational process.

Considering the large number of students and the diversity of forms of education and specialization, we come to support students by offering them accommodation and boarding services in the boarding school and school canteen. Other spaces: # Psycho-pedagogical office # Modern language classroom # Mechanical maintenance workshop